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My appreciation for this art form is deeply rooted, yet it is enriched by a myriad of influences spanning various artists and genres.

This tapestry of inspiration is what I endeavor to weave into my own performances. My objective is to restore the once-celebrated splendor and exuberance of opera. It is my ambition to reveal to audiences the enthralling and extraordinary potency of opera, merging the legacy of its legends with a contemporary perspective.”

Colin Aikins performing

Colin Performs

It’s Just As I Imagined

“Later the Same Evening,” an opera by John Musto with a libretto by Mark Campbell, draws inspiration from Edward Hopper’s paintings to tell stories of interconnected lives in 1930s New York.

Come If You Dare

“Come If You Dare,” from Act 1 of Henry Purcell’s semi-opera “King Arthur, Z. 628,” first performed in 1691, is a bold and heroic song and chorus that serves as a call to arms in King Arthur’s battle against the Saxons.


Mikhail Glinka’s “Doubt” (Сомнение) deals with themes of love, loss, and existential doubt, reflecting the Romantic era’s fascination with deep emotional and personal expression.

“I am more than a singer. My voice and music are a reflection of who I am as a person.”

March 2020
“Colin Aikins…married characterful acting and first-rank vocalizing in his portrayal of the town’s ineffectual civic leader.”
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Albert Herring earns the crown at Curtis Opera Theater
December 2022
“A supernal performance…we were riveted. Mr. Moore’s intense monologue was delivered so dramatically by Mr. Aikins that it seemed he was channeling the painter, expressing intense joys and despairs…with impeccable diction. This was one of those performances for which our impoverished words are no match. It was unforgettable.”
Voce Di Meche
In a review of Dear Theo, settings of Vincent Van Gogh’s letters at Julliard Songfest

In the Press

On Stage at Curtis: Colin Aikins – Experience the Command and Fervor in the Voice

During this episode, Colin sings selections from Giacomo Puccini, Fernando Obradors, Ignacio Fernández Esperón, Benjamin Britten, and Antonín Dvořák.

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Colin Aikins Passionate about singing – classical singer magazine

Many have experienced the joy that comes from belting it out in an empty house, but few have the dedication it takes to turn it into something more.

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Pittsburgh 18-year old already making his mark in the classical music world

At 18, Colin Aikins is very young by operatic standards — opera singers’ voices typically are not fully mature until their mid-30s. But he already makes people cry.